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Machine fittings and other components with enhanced efficiency when you use the 12L14 cold rolled round bar. This cold-finished alloy may not have the strength of other steel grades, but it’s tailored for machining precision and extended tool life thanks to its properties and chemical composition. Learn more about this popular grade of steel and how you can order it today from Ohio Bar & Metal.

Key Features of the 12L14 Cold Rolled Round Bar

Many of the features and benefits of 12L14 come from its chemical composition and from being cold-rolled. The inclusion of phosphorus, sulfur, and lead in this low-carbon steel results in an alloy that offers low friction, but also lower strength.

As a cold-rolled steel, it has closer tolerances and tends to be stronger than similar hot-rolled alloys. Because it’s a popular option for machining, 12L14 steel bars can come in a diverse range of dimensions and shapes.

Benefits of 12L14 Cold Rolled Steel

Choose a 12L14 carbon steel round bar for fast and efficient machining. Here are some of the advantages you can expect with this carbon steel:

  • Excellent machinability qualities

  • Increased tool life, thanks to the smooth, machined surface

  • Precision-grade steel

  • Good yield and tensile strength

Some of these benefits are thanks to the cold rolling process, while others can be attributed to the characteristics of this steel.


Applications of 12L14 Steel

Thanks to its advantages and characteristics, the 12L14 cold rolled round bar can be used to manufacture several precision components for various industries. It’s a popular steel in the automotive and aerospace industries in particular, and can be used to manufacture the following parts:

  • Valves

  • Bushings

  • Inserts

  • Hydraulic hose fittings

These are just a few examples of parts that can be machined with 12L14 steel, so work with an experienced supplier to find out if this alloy fits the parameters of your machining needs. Once you determine it’s the right alloy, it’s time to review bar diameters, lengths, and any other spec you may have before ordering your steel.

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