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From heat treatment options to cutting and turning, our company is equipped to perform a range of services and treatments on your steel before delivery. Discuss your desired alloy characteristics with our team to find out how these services can help you improve your chosen bar stock.


As a popular heat treatment process, annealing enhances ductility and prepares an alloy for the next step in your process. We carefully apply heat and cool the alloy slowly to promote proper recrystallization.

Quenching and Tempering

Strengthen your steel or other alloy before having it shipped to your facility. Our quenching and tempering services can be tailored to produce the level of hardness desired for your stock.

Cold Drawing

Cold-drawn steel is processed at cool temperatures, typically room temperature, to achieve a better finish and higher tensile strength than hot-rolled steel. We also offer hot rolling, so compare these round bar supplier capabilities to see which one is preferable for your specific processing requirements.

Hot Rolling

From bar stock to flat steel, hot rolling can quickly create steel with enhanced malleability. It also tends to be a more affordable option, so review each option with our team to find the right fit for your application.

Turning and Polishing


A lathe takes an oversized bar and cuts it down to size. After turning, you can have your alloy polished to smooth out the new surface.

Rough Turning

A fast and efficient alternative to turning and polishing, our rough turning service takes your stock and quickly cuts down its diameter to achieve your desired result. It may not have the same smooth, close-tolerance surface, but in some applications, this isn’t a concern.

Precision Cutting

If there is a specific length of bar you need, ask about our cutting services to trim ends or reduce the size of the bar stock before delivery.

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