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Find the material you need with Ohio Bar & Metal. We’re proud to offer steel bar items in various grades and sizes. Explore our full range of products and value-added services to see why we’re a leading supplier of carbon steel round bar stock and other components for fabrication and manufacturing facilities.

Common Grades of Round Bar

As a local steel round bar supplier, we distribute everything from common merchant bar quality round bars to special bar quality products. Our team has more than 50 years of steel industry experience, so we’re confident we can assist you in determining the metal for the job. Here are some common grades of round bar we offer:

  • 1008 - 1019 and 1117 - 1146

  • 1215, 12L14, and 1518 - 1547

  • 4118 - 4150 and 4320 - 4340

  • 5160 and 8610 - 8650

  • A36, A572, F1554, B7, and B16

While these are our most common grades of steel bar, please reach out to our team to inquire about any additional specifications or requirements you may have. We pride ourselves on working with only the highest quality material. 


Value-Added Service

Ohio Bar & Metal Co. offers precision services and processing capabilities to assist your manufacturing needs. Here are a few value-added services we offer:

• Hot rolling
• Cold finishing
• Thermal treatments
• Turning and polishing
• Precision cutting
• Rough turning

Performing one or more of these steps before bar stock is delivered to your facility can save time
and floor space, streamlining your manufacturing process. These services can be discussed when you connect with our customer service team.

Connect With Your Carbon Steel Round Bar Supplier Today

Request a quote from Ohio Bar & Metal Co. today to see how you can have common carbon steel round bar, specialty round bar, heat-treated products, and more delivered to your facility. We offer competitive rates, exceptional quality, and timely deliveries to meet your manufacturing or fabrication requirements.

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