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Ohio Bar & Metal offers 1144 grade round bar items in a wide range of sizes. Our 1144 round bar carbon steel contains sulfur and manganese. It is free-machining, has high-tensile properties, and can be used without heat treatment. It is an excellent material for machined parts and products that require a level of strength and wear resistance not possible with lower-carbon steels.

Properties of 1144 Round Bar

AISI 1144 round bar has high hardness and strength. It resists corrosion, wear, and deformation and offers low thermal expansion. Flame hardening can enhance 1144 steel's surface properties.

Chemical Properties

AISI 1144 carbon steel is an alloy containing carbon, sulfur, manganese, and phosphorous. Carbon imparts hardness to steel. It also improves the metal's reaction to heat treatment. Manganese acts as a deoxygenating agent. It improves strength and produces a finer grain of finished steel. Phosphorous improves the cutting properties of steel, making it more machinable. Sulfur increases machinability but may reduce other qualities found in other grades of carbon steel.

While there may be some variation between lots, the chemical composition of 1144 round bar falls within the following ranges:

  • Carbon: 0.40 -0 .48

  • Manganese: 1.35-1.65

  • Phosphorus: < 0.040 

  • Sulfur: 0.24-0.33


Approximate Mechanical Properties

Its mechanical properties typically fall within the following ranges:

  • Brinell Hardness (BHN): 240 to 270

  • Elongation in 2 inches: 7% to 12%

  • Reduction of area: 20 to 30

  • Tensile strength: 120,000 to 130,000 PSI

  • Yield strength: 110,000 to 120,000 PSI


These ranges are typical for 1144 carbon steel, and there can be some variation. Contact us for more details if your project requires precise physical characteristics.

Applications for 1144 Hot Rolled Round Bar

AISI 1144 steel is an economical replacement for more costly quenched-and-tempered alloy grades. The physical properties of 1144 carbon steel make it a solid choice for manufacturers and machinists. Meeting ASTM A29 or ASTM A576 specifications, our 1144 hot-rolled bar stock is excellent for automotive, agricultural, and fitting fabrication.


Ohio Bar & Metal supplies 1144 cold rolled round bar to meet ASTM A108 and ASTM A311. It is suitable for automotive,

  • Couplings, gears, and other components requiring excellent machinability

  • Fasteners, including bolts, studs, and nuts

  • Hydraulic fittings

  • Machined bushings and fittings 

  • Shafts and axles that require high strength

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At Ohio Bar and Metal Company, we supply 1144 round bar to various industries. We work with our extensive network of mills to provide every customer with the highest quality metals at competitive prices. Our team delivers exceptional customer service and on-time products. Contact us to learn more.

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