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Ohio Bar & Metal is one of the leading suppliers of steel round bars, offering a variety of carbon and alloy-grade round bars in a range of sizes.  4140 round bar is a general-purpose carbon steel alloy known for its range of strength and machinability. Its chromium content allows hardness penetration, while its molybdenum composition offers uniformity and strength. Its all-around versatility makes it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. We offer various grades of hot and cold finished round bar and wire rod x coil.

Properties of 4140 Round Bar

4140 steel bar resists fatigue and can withstand heavy loads. Due to its chromium, manganese, and molybdenum composition, it exhibits impact and abrasion resistance, ideal for the aerospace, defense, and oil and gas industries.


4140 steel has a yield strength between 60.2 KSI and 95 KSI and a tensile strength between 95 KSI and 107.3 KSI. The 4140 alloy steel round bar is highly adaptable for heat treatment processes. It can undergo tempering and quenching to create custom steel that's hardness levels meet specific requirements.

The Difference Between Cold and Hot Rolled Bars

There are a few main differences when choosing between 4140 hot rolled round bar and cold rolled steel. The main difference is how they are processed. Cold rolled steel is rolled below the recrystallization temperature, whereas hot rolled steel is rolled above it.


Hot rolled alloy has a rough surface that requires further treatment for production. However, cold rolled steel is shiny and smooth and can be used as-is in manufacturing. During the cold rolling process, the steel comes out with a higher hardness and strength. This allows it to undergo more stress.


Applications for 4140 Alloy Steel

The versatility of 4140 round bar makes it ideal for various industries that Ohio Bar & Metal works with, including:

  • Automotive and agriculture

  • Construction and mining

  • Machine tools and oil drilling

  • Defense and aerospace

Many industries utilize 4140 alloy steel to manufacture couplings, gears, shafts, and rotating components that must withstand high-stress environments. For example, drive shafts, spindles, and axles can all be fabricated with 4140 steel. Other applications include:

  • Tool holders

  • Hydraulic cylinder rods

  • Construction of mold bases

Seek 4140 Round Bar for a Range of Applications

4140 round bar is a robust material with exceptional wear resistance, adaptability to heat, and machinability. At Ohio Bar & Metal, we have over 50 years of combined experience. Our expertise in steel alloy allows us to form strong relationships with mills to deliver the most competitive pricing to our customers. When you work with us, you can count on affordable prices, on-time deliveries, and impeccable customer service. Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about what we have to offer.

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