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With a wide range of round bars available for a variety of applications, Ohio Bar & Metal is your choice for 4340 round bar that meets your job specifications. With both Special Bar Quality and Merchant Bar Quality, we meet the request of every client. Whether you're looking for unique strength or cost-effective solutions, we have what you need.

Composition of 4340 Alloy Round Bar

Several elements within a 4340 hot rolled round bar give it the strength and durability our clients require. With an iron-chromium alloy base, it is also composed of:

  • Silicon

  • Nickel

  • Vanadium

  • Manganese

  • Molybdenum

Industries That Use 4340 Round Bar

This round bar is a popular choice due to its superior strength and resistance to fatigue. It is desirable for high-stress applications in several industries:

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Oil and gas

  • Military

  • Construction

Another property that makes it a prevalent choice in these industries is its machinability. When in the annealed condition, many traditional machining methods can be used to machine the metal to precision. When it is heat-treated and at a higher heat, machinability does decrease and different tools are recommended to get the job done correctly and safely.


Applications for 4340 Steel Alloy Round Bars

Available in both hot and cold finishes, the 4340 round bar is excellent at resisting corrosion. It is strong, tough, durable, low weight, and immune to embrittlement, making it perfect for a variety of applications. At Ohio Bar & Metal, we easily produce these in high quantities, making it a cost-effective solution for:

  • Crankshafts and gears

  • Power transmission parts

  • Truck frames

  • Aircraft landing parts

  • OIl and gas shafts

A 4340 alloy round bar will not rust, discolor, or tarnish. This makes it perfect for all-purpose applications, as well as finished parts that aid in aesthetics.

Value-Added Services

At Ohio Bar & Metal, your manufacturing needs are important to us. We offer a handful of value-added services that streamline your manufacturing process by taking care of a few steps before we deliver the round bar to you. Some of those additional services include:

  • Hot rolling or cold finishing

  • Rough turning

  • Polishing

  • Thermal treatments

  • Precision cutting

Contact Us to Request a Quote for 4340 Steel Alloy Round Bar

Whether in the automotive, military, or any other industry, your business deserves quality 4340 round bar that meets your specifications. Contact Ohio Bar & Metal to learn more and to request a quote for your metal products.

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