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Durability and machinability come together in 1045 carbon steel round bar. If you’re considering this popular grade for steel bar, then please review its specifications and common uses. See why Ohio Bar & Metal is your leading supplier with on-time deliveries of 1045 and other precision round bar stock for your facility. Compare this reliable carbon steel with other grades to see whether 1045 is the steel bar you need for the next step in your manufacturing process.

1045 Carbon Steel Round Bar Specifications

While alloy steel round bar comes in a broad range of grades, 1045 is specifically a medium carbon steel option. As a carbon steel, it contains more than 0.08% carbon content and is known for its corrosion resistance and overall strength. A tough alloy like 1045 works well for manufacturing gears, shafts, and other high-wear components.

Lower carbon steel grades are typically more ductile and offer weldability properties. High carbon steel, on the other hand, can be too hard to efficiently machine. Choose 1045 carbon steel for a happy medium of strength and machinability. Ask for more information on the specific mechanical properties and chemistry to see if this round bar grade meets your needs.

Common Uses of 1045 Steel

As your premier steel round bar supplier, Ohio Bar & Metal can assist you with understanding the optimal applications for 1045 steel and other round bar products. Here are some of the most common manufacturing uses for this carbon steel option:

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder shafts

  • Medium-strength parts for the construction industry

  • Hardening or induction applications

  • Forged gears and other components

As a carbon steel round bar, 1045 is popular in the automotive and construction industries. It offers a competitive combination of easy machinability and high strength-to-weight ratio to make it a cost-effective option for structural applications. These factors also make it a popular selection for forged parts of various sizes. This carbon steel grade is available in various diameters and can be cut to length for your order to prepare it for your machining, forging, or other precision manufacturing application.


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From ordering 1045 carbon steel round bar to handling your specific heat treatment services, Ohio Bar & Metal is your full-service solution. Request a quote today to see how our 5 decades of industry experience can meet your needs and provide you with timely deliveries of quality steel.

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