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At Ohio Bar & Metal, we are committed to understanding each client's needs for metal processing and distribution. Known for competitive pricing and customer satisfaction, we're the 1541 round bar supplier that will fulfill your specific requests. Merchant Bar Quality and Special Bar Quality are both available so whether you value cost-effectiveness more or superior strength, there's something to meet your needs.

Composition of 1541 Carbon Steel Round Bar

As a medium alloy, the 1541 steel round bar is composed primarily of carbon and iron. If a 1541 hot rolled round bar is required for your project, it may also contain a certain amount of manganese, as well as traces of:

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Molybdenum

  • Nickel

The 1541 cold rolled bar also contains traces of additional elements. Present as impurities in the alloy are phosphorous and sulfur.

Industries That Use 1541 Round Bar


To meet the needs of every customer, Ohio Bar & Metal offers 1541 carbon steel round bar in a variety of sizes. Versatility and affordability are two factors that make this a popular choice among a wide range of industries such as agriculture, construction, and engineering. Other industries that commonly use 1541 bar stock include:

  • Oil and gas

  • Food processing

  • Water supply

  • Plumbing

  • Chemical

Applications for 1541 Carbon Round Bar

There are several applications the 1541 round bar is good for:

  • Band and muffler clamps

  • Anchor bolts

  • Pipeline

  • Gas turbine engine parts

  • Valves and pumps

Some properties that make it desirable for these and other applications include strength, fatigue life, resistance to corrosion, creep resistance to high temperatures, and phase stability.

Additional Value Added Services

At Ohio Bar & Metal, we take extra steps to ensure your manufacturing process runs smoothly. Whether you don't have the capacity to complete these services yourself or you are in a time crunch, we offer additional services before delivery:

  • Rough turning and polishing

  • Precision cutting

  • Hot rolling and cold drawing

  • Thermal treatments

Contact Us for a 1541 Carbon Alloy Round Bar Quote

When you want high quality 1541 round bar that exceeds expectations, you turn to Ohio Bar & Metal. Our round bar stock comes with a commitment to each customer, ensuring you have what you need when you need it. Shipping across the United States and Canada, we are your choice for timely deliveries and affordability. Contact us with all your questions or to receive a quote today.

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