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Your go-to cold-rolled grade is 1018 steel. This smooth, straight option is an excellent choice for welding, machining, and other processing techniques. Explore the specifications and common uses of the 1018 cold rolled steel round bar to see if it's time to order this popular alloy from Ohio Bar & Metal. Compare 1018 with other steel options to see why it’s a popular choice for a cold-rolled steel round bar.

Specifications of 1018 Steel Round Bar

Thanks to the cold rolling process, 1018 steel offers greater yield and tensile strength than hot-rolled alternatives. Here are some key features of this 1018 cold finish steel round bar:

  • Good welding characteristics

  • High-strength alloy

  • Excellent machining characteristics

  • Competitive tensile strength

  • Accurate dimensions throughout the bar length

This alloy is low-carbon steel and has a medium manganese content. It lacks the strength of high-carbon steel and other alloys, so it shouldn’t be used in high-strength applications.

While 1018 doesn’t offer the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and other alloys, the smooth bar offers even dimensions along its length. This combination of favorable characteristics has made it one of the most common cold-rolled steel grades on the market. It’s commonly used in areas where its precision dimensions and machining characteristics outweigh its strength limitations.


Common Uses for 1018 Steel

The low carbon levels and case-hardening qualities of a 1018 steel round bar make it a competitive option for close-tolerance applications. This kind of precision can be crucial for fabricating shafts and other parts. Here are some common components it’s used to fabricate:

  • Hinges

  • Shafts

  • Axles

  • Pins and dowels

  • Slides

Thanks to its even dimensions, this alloy is best used in areas where tolerances are tight. Whether that’s machining, welding, or other processing techniques, 1018 is a competitive choice for cold-rolled steel grades. It can be used in many applications, so discuss your particular application with an experienced supplier to determine whether this grade is the best choice, or if another grade may be better suited to your needs.

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