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The 8650 carbon alloy steel bar is a robust, reliable alloy steel. Its reputation for heat and corrosion resistance makes it commonly sought after in the automotive and industrial industries. At Ohio Bar & Metal, we offer a wide range of different steel grades, including 8650.

Carbon Alloy Steel Bar

In general, 8650 steel has a density of about 7.85 g/cm3, or 0.284 lb/in3. It can withstand heat, corrosion, and machining. Their oxidation properties make carbon alloy steel bars resistant to corrosion in high temperatures, high humidity, and saltwater exposure. Likewise, the high melting point allows you to use the bars in hot processing operations.

Round Bar

The 8650 round bar has a smooth-surfaced, cylindrical shape. These bars tend to be thick, pre-finished, and can be manufactured from one-fourth of an inch thick to 24 inches thick. Despite having a higher carbon content and being more durable than rods, round bar is also more brittle and can crack under extreme pressure.

Uses for 8650 Carbon Steel


The 8650 carbon alloy steel bar is standard in various industries. Its heat-resistant properties make it ideal for furnace materials and use in the aerospace and powerplant industries. Since it is both durable and versatile, other industries that use 8650 carbon steel include:

  • Automotive

  • Agricultural

  • Industrial

Of its various uses, this steel is most commonly employed in spindles, shafts, axles, gears, and other parts that require its high strength. Individuals and businesses tend to use round bars in beam and column stirrups, roads, pipelines, and small- to medium-sized projects.

At Ohio Bar & Metal, we can cut your 8650 carbon steel bar to length for most projects. If you require carbon steel that is already finished, you may want to go with the round bar.

Find the Carbon or Alloy Steel Bar for Your Job

At Ohio Bar & Metal, we are always available to go above and beyond for our customers. With 50
years of combined experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of steel and what
our clients need for various projects. We offer the 8650 carbon alloy steel bar and other materials
within a stocking program, where we store and release materials as you need them. Request a
quote to learn more about our services.

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